In this 12th volume, Segrelles takes up again the plot of the first story of the series, the Cult of the Sacred Fire, to surround us with beautiful oriental settings and take us to a wild new world. Indeed, he keeps the more and more important elements of science fiction -now evoking The Voyage- and the fantastic animals that are usual in The Mercenary. As of technique, Segrelles goes on with computer tools, achieving with this device the same plasticity and richness he got with oil painting.

Adventures in the style of the first volumes and the current science fiction brush get together in this new story. If you read The Mercenary years ago and lost the trail, this is a good time to revisit the series and find out its evolution during the last twenty years.

Spanish edition out of print
Spanish language edition

Hardcover book, size 29.5 x 22.5 cm
48 pages, full colour throughout
ISBN 84-930373-3-8
Retail price Euro 11,00
Publication date: April 2002
Published by V. Segrelles
Also published in Danish, Dutch, French and Italian language.
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Nan-Tay must travel as quickly a possible to the East in order to rescue her friends, some women that rebelled against their destiny and are now condemned. To the Mercenary's surprise, they turn to be the members of the Cult of the Sacred Fire who have been finally captured by the king they were escaping from. When they arrive, Nan-Tay is compelled to follow a crazy plan that the Crater's agent has prepared to save the few girls still alive. To her despair, the plan depends on a little creature that promises its assistance in return for its freedom.

But the warriors do not know that the mysterious creature can reveal an occult and astounding world where, if they manage to survive, many answers can be found…
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